"Several of us went through the Dale Carnegie program a few years ago, and Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices process is as good if not better!”  Staff Member, Barron Electric Cooperative.

“I’m near retirement now, and have been in management for thirty plus years.  I’ve gone to more workshops, trainings, and education programs than I can count, let alone remember.  I am convinced that Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices program is, hands down, the best and most effective I’ve ever experienced.  We need this in all of our manufacturing plants and in our administrative offices.”  Plant Manager, Mayville Engineering Company.

“Over the years we’ve had technical schools and universities provide us with training and development programs with excellent results.  Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices program is more thorough and filled in many critical gaps that the others didn’t cover, and with great excellence!   Jon’s process also includes tools and processes that ensure that people actually implement what they’ve learned, on an on-going basis.  Now we are getting the long-term results we were looking for.”  Plant Manager, a metal fabricating company.

“I can’t believe how well my construction team of 30 members are working together.  After the very first session of Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices program, there was a mindset shift throughout the whole organization.  Even our customers noticed and commented on how well our people work together.  The difference Jon made on our team was noticed immediately, inside and outside of the organization.”  Owner, Rock & Tait Exteriors.

"I am the sole owner of six businesses with a total of 515 employees.  I know what quality looks like and sounds like.  When I saw a sample of one of Jon's Effective Supervisory Practices workshops, I knew I'd found the quality I was looking for."  Business Owner, manufacturing and distribution industries.

“We have only thirteen employees and we put twelve of them through Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices process.  Wow, what a difference!  Our team was good before, and now it is even better!  It has made me re-evaluate my management style and our processes and systems, and my life is better for it.  Thanks, Jon!”  Owner, Foxboro Property Management.

“I’ve been in the grocery business as a department manager and a store manager for twenty eight years.   I was told to attend Jon’s Effective Supervisory Practices workshops to help mentor and coach the newer people in our 25+ stores, between and after Jon’s workshops.  I didn’t think I would learn that much, but boy was I wrong!  I wish I would have gone through Jon’s program years ago!  I’m recommending that our company expand the number of people that participate in Jon’s process!”  Store Manager, Gordy’s County Market.

“I’ve been in the construction business for over twenty years.  After going through Jon’s Strategic Business Owner process we set all-time record high revenues and profits.  I guess an old dog can learn new tricks!”  Owner, Heritage Builders.

“Our firm of CPAs and Enrolled Agents has offices in three cities.  Managing the staff, marketing, selling and servicing work in three locations was driving the partners nuts!  Through his Strategic Business Owner program and his on-going support, Jon helped us to make sense out of the chaos.  The partners are sleeping better at night and our business is growing faster now than ever, and with fewer headaches.”  Owner, an accounting firm.

“I’ve been in business to business sales for fifteen years with very good success.  I’ve attended several sales training and sales refinement programs over the years.  When I went through Jon’s Sales Mastery program I realized how much better I could really be.  My sales went up 17% in the first year and I’ve been gaining momentum since then as I’ve gone back to implement and improve my use of the concepts and strategies that Jon shared with us.”  Sales Representative, an industrial wholesale company.

“I have a four year degree in marketing and twelve years of marketing experience.  We attended one of Jon’s Marketing workshops at a conference and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I kept asking myself, ‘why didn’t they teach me this in college?’  We’re going back to our company to rethink and to reengineer what we’ve been doing and what we’ve been saying in our marketing messages.  We’re very excited for the anticipated growth and improvement that will be coming our way!”  Director of Marketing, a business services company.