In the upper mid-west, roughly 77% of all businesses have fewer than 20 employees, and 87% have fewer than 100 employees.  Businesses with fewer than 100 employees provide about 37% of the employment opportunities within the region.  The vast number of small businesses makes it harder for an individual business to stand out and to be recognized as an employer of choice.  That is just one of the many special challenges that small businesses owners must face.

Small business owners ‘wear many hats.’  They are deeply involved with business strategy, human resource management, leadership, marketing, sales, production, accounting, and every other facet of the business.  In other words, small business owners must be multi-talented and have a broad understanding of many business topics.  Knowledge of the technical work performed by the business is simply not enough for small business owners to achieve their desired outcomes.

The Strategic Small Business Owner workshop series was specifically designed for small business owners and their managers, and for larger businesses that still function like small businesses (too few people wearing too many hats). 

Each workshop session includes a reflection and strategic planning process for the following 90 days , so workshops meet only once every three months .   This makes it easier for even the busiest business owner to participate and to improve.  These short-term plans and activities gradually move participants closer to the achievement of their long-term goals.  The self-defined activities include marketing, sales, leadership, project completion, and other essential activities.  The remainder of each workshop covers the ‘business topic of the day’ as shown below.

Year One:
    Session 1     Strategic Mindset, Vision & Goals: Defining the Desired Outcomes
    Session 2     Effective Selling to Increase and Sustain Higher Revenues
    Session 3     Effective Marketing: The Right Message, to the Right People, at the Right Time
    Session 4     Effective Leadership to Become an Employee of Choice

Year Two (optional):
    Session 5     Effective People Management for Optimum Performance
    Session 6     Business Planning & Implementation to Establish the Road Map
    Session 7     Operations Manuals for Consistency and a Step Toward the Exit
    Session 8     Letting the System Run the Business, Less Reliance on the Owner