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Do you have a vision for your business and personal life that is still a work in progress?  Do you want your business to become and continue to be an employer of choice? If so, there is a 'gap' between where you are and where you want to be.

While business improvement and growth are the desired outcomes, those outcomes are achieved through the people in the business.  How can they perform better if they are bringing the same mindsets, skills and processes to the table?   To improve the business, one must improve and grow the people, and hold them accountable for what they've learned.
Jon Fields, Ph.D. & Founder
I'm one of those unusual people that has both hands-on business experience and three business degrees including a Ph.D. from Purdue University, specializing in Consumer Behavior.  I understand business from my industry experience and have the theoretical background for the big picture.
  1. Business Strategy
    Business Strategy
    Vision begins the planning process. Long-term goals broken down into short-term activities and behaviors move you closer to your desired outcomes.
  2. Successful Selling Habits
    Successful Selling Habits
    Much of the selling process is a solo effort. Personal behaviors and discipline are major determinates in selling success. Are you as focused and productive as you would like?
  3. Supervisory Practices
    Supervisory Practices
    Effective supervisors need technical skills AND people skills. Few are given the people-skills development they need to be successful. (See details)
  4. B-to-B Selling
    B-to-B Selling
    Effective selling has a logical sequence, but sometimes it looks like a spiderweb. Selling to multiple influencers requires a special process.
 People choose to work as a means to get what they want in their personal lives. Effective Business Practices helps them to be successful in their business roles and in their personal lives while maintaining work-life balance

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While based in Wisconsin, our service network of certified business coaches can provide face-to-face services in all 50 states and parts of Canada, or provide live coaching or workshops through various forms of technology.
When hiring us to provide services for you and your company, your personal and professional reputations are on the line. If we don't perform as promised, you don't pay.   Since we have a vested interest in your satisfaction and success, we put our all into the processes we provide for you!
1) We facilitate your workshops, provide workshop materials, etc.
2) You buy our programs outright and your staff facilitates the workshops.
3) You buy our programs outright and we facilitate one or more of the workshops to train-the-trainer.
Summary of Jon Fields’ Professional Speaking Experience:
  • American Marketing Association National Convention
  • American Hotel & Motel Association National Convention
  • SAS Institute (Statistical Analysis System) International Convention
  • International Business Conference
  • State Bar of Wisconsin
  • Juneau County Economic Development Conference
  • Monroe County Economic Development Conference
  • Wisconsin Association of College Stores
  • Minnesota Tourism Conference
  • Barron County Economic Development Corporation
  • Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation
  • Clark County Economic Development Corporation
  • Dunn County Economic Development Corporation
  • Rusk County Economic Development Corporation
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Association Conference
  • Manufacturers Outreach Conference
  • Small Business Academy
  • Other Venues